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10 Day Greece Trip

September 2nd-11th 2018

8 Day Greece Trip

September 15th-23rd 2018

Are You Ready to.......
Go beyond your own physical, mental and spiritual limitations?
Be able to discern the difference between your ego and the voice of your intuition?

Heal yourself and find peace?

Rejuvenate your energy?

Stay grounded through the many challenges in your life?

Wake up to your divine self?

How many times did you answer yes to these questions? 

Is your inner wisdom calling you to walk the cobblestones where the ancient Greeks created and dreamed?

Are you ready to embark on this once in a lifetime personal journey? 

If so you are ready to join us on this life changing trip.

Join us on this Greek adventure of embracing life, good food, great company and true celebration.  We will visit the majestic mountain of Mt. Olympus, the Oracle of Delphi, and the exciting streets of Athens to experience a transformational journey where

Humans meets Gods.

Imagine sitting in sacred temples and feeling the power of ancient oracles, being initiated into the divine energy of Greek Gods and Goddesses, awakening your deepest intuition to receive messages of lasting empowerment.

On this amazing excursion you will experience Greek culture in ways you never have before. Our days will be filled with delicious cuisine, amazing sites, initiations, ceremonies, and fun and laughter.