2018 Presenters

Zeffi Devi Shakti

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Currently residing in Sedona, Arizona, and Athens, Greece, Zeffi Devi is internationally accomplished as a Spiritual Counselor, Medical Intuitive, Tantric teacher, Reiki Master, and Healer whose work takes her to Europe, Asia, and the United States.  She has studied Tantric Eastern, Hindu, and Tibetan philosophies; Hermetic and Ancient Greek philosophies, Shamanic Healing and Pranic Healing. She travels all over the world doing Sacred Goddess Ceremony. Her unique blending of many traditions connects us to the universal truth which resides within all of us. Zeffi Devi has the honor of hosting Woman Arising which has been her long held dream of helping  to awaken the Divine Feminine within all of us.

Ignite Your Divine Feminine Fire

In this workshop Zeffi invites you to Ignite Your Divine Feminine Fire. What is your Divine Feminine Fire? It is the still small voice that whispers to you when you stop to listen. It is the strength, the nurturing, the listening, the patient kindness that is deep within us all. It is our deep internal female wisdom. It is calling to be heard. This workshop asks you to explore the deepest parts of yourself.

This workshop helps you to be inspired, to hear your own inner voice with more confidence, to ignite your own deep knowing, and to restore peace in your soul. Be prepared to leave a changed woman, ready to be involved in Igniting the Divine Feminine Fire within you; ready to assist in building a world of compassion and understanding.  Come prepared to let your true power shine and to claim your deepest wisdom.


Prasanna Diana Manuela 

Prasanna is an Elemental Alchemist, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Divine Feminine Business Mentor, Creatrix of several Elemental Woman™ Programs and the Elemental Woman™. She works globally with conscious women entrepreneurs and her workshops and events open up a profound understanding for women about themselves and connects them with a power that is far greater than they ever expected. Prasanna travels and speaks internationally to share her passion to Awaken a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders and the profound wisdom she has received over a course of 30 years. Prasanna offers life changing events to not only Awakens your Heart’s Calling, but open you to your innate Feminine Creative Force so you can regenerate from the inside out.

Embodying the Elemental Wise Woman Leader

In this workshop Prasanna shows women a more effortless way to be at the forefront in the world whilst juggling multiple areas of their lives, such as relationships, family and business by helping them to embody the Wise Woman within.

Prasanna works with women who have been on a spiritual and personal developmental journey for quite some time and who want to Awaken their Heart’s Calling and bring that into every detail of their life and business.

Embodying the Elemental Wise Woman Leader not only supports a woman in tapping into the solutions of tomorrow’s problems, it also ignites her Feminine Creative Force which fuels her body powerfully in a way that makes her feel alive, sensual and full of vitality at the same time.

Larisa Stow 


Larisa Stow is here to wake, shake and create a vibration-raising revolution with her edgy blend of mantra-infused rock with her band Shakti Tribe. She is committed to creating community wherever she goes. Larisa’s captivating style & stellar vocals combined with her band’s impeccable musicianship have earned them main stage slots at numerous festivals in the US and abroad including Earthdance & Bali Spirit Festival, opening act spots for well known artists, and appearances with spiritual leaders including Deepak Chopra.  Taking to heart Gandhi’s philosophy, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe often present special performances in prisons, jails, juvenile detention facilities and recovery centers where they share tools of transformation to affect positive change and inspire Peace.

Self Love, Sisterhood, and Sacred Sound

Nurture the Wild Woman Medicine

In this experimental playshop we will be using mantra, movement, and healing circles to facilitate and catalyze clearing, connection, and spiritual renewal. Together we will embrace and celebrate the divine feminine.

Cathy Hartenstein

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Cathy Hartenstein is a Life Coach, EFT/Matrix Re- imprinting, and NLP Practitioner who is dedicated to helping people create more bliss in their lives and realize their highest potential. By constantly investigating what drives us, why we do the things we do, and searching for the beauty that she sees in humanity, she empowers people to release old trauma and live their best life. She has a strong background leading groups to realize their creative vision, having been actively involved in arts and education for over 3 decades as an international theatre artist, theatre professor at many prestigious universities, and workshop facilitator.  In her work she strives to help her clients reconnect to themselves and overcome their personal obstacles to realize their greatest potential.

Unleash the Goddess Within

In this workshop Cathy takes you through a process of awakening your intuition, getting in alignment with your true self, and claiming your feminine power so you can Unleash the Goddess Within. This workshop helps you listen to your heart and trust your ancient wisdom so you can tune into what the universe is telling you. You will learn how to be in harmony with, and not opposition to, what the universe is presenting to you , so you can be in flow and alignment to create your powerful future. This workshop helps you to let go and surrender to what is in front of you, stand in your truth, and be a chalice for divine love. 

Sandy Rueve


Sandy Rueve, an alchemist of astrology and clay, helps her clients align with their life path, current intentions, and purpose with handmade, astrologically timed talismans. A Spirited Creator. Having studied astrology for nearly two decades, Sandy Rueve hand creates clay beads with precise astrological timing to take on the energies available. Sandy blends art, astrology, and alchemy to help her clients reach their desires thru mindfulness and talismans.

Venus the Warrior of Light

Now that Venus has stationed to move out of her retrograde cycle and going direct, how and where are we finding equilibrium? The past six weeks of her retrograde motion has given us time for reflection- on our love, our beauty, and our money. As Venus rises in the morning sky ahead of the Sun, she heralds in the new day. She is now the Female Warrior! Let us each march beside her. Sandy Rueve, talisman maker & optimistic astrologer, will open our Woman Arising with focus on Venus’ movement and what it means to us. 


Valerie Sanjali Irons

Valerie "Sanjali" Irons is an artist, sound alchemist and kirtan wallah living in Sedona, AZ. She founded Bhakti Tribe Sedona in 2010, bringing kirtan and devotional music to the Red Rocks of Sedona. She also offers kirtan with her devotional music project "Sanjali Kirtan" and will soon be recording her first cd. As a sound healer, she is immersed in the world of sacred sound. She offers private sessions - "Soundwave Journeys” - using her Soundwave BedTM, as well as Shamanic Breathwork and group breathwork/sound healing journeys. She continues to paint and sculpt, as well as teach "Sacred Creativity” workshops. She is dedicated to divine healing through the arts. She is inspired by divine love and is deeply grateful.

Sanjali Sound Alchemy Journey

Sanjali’s Sound Alchemy takes you on a journey of sound and vibration using voice, crystal & Tibetan bowls, flute, gongs, chimes, drums, a looping pedal and so much more!  Chanting and meditations are also featured in this transcendent experience.  Be prepared to be taken away and reconnected to higher states of consciousness and bliss.

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Amalia Camateros

Amalia Camateros, N.D. author of Spirit of the Stones - A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom, is a  Shamanic Practitioner, Empowerment Guide, Intuitive & Energy Healer and Conference Speaker. She started her healing career in Australia as a Naturopathic Doctor where she owned and managed a Holistic clinic of 14 health practitioners and was the private health practitioner for the famous Australian rock band "INXS" for over 6 years.  


She is an ordained ceremonial priestess, breath-work and ecstatic dance facilitator.  She is highly intuitive and skilled as an emotional tracker who finds the subconscious glitch and brings it into conscious awareness for release and healing and utilizes Earth Wisdom to anchor into Body Wisdom.  


Amalia is  as a powerful facilitator of her shamanic based “EarthSpirit Dance™” workshops at conferences, expos, events and workshops both nationally and internationally and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Sedona.  


Igniting the Fire Within

Allow Amalia to take you on a deep journey into your interiors to the sacred flame within your body temple. To pay homage to your inner altar, to the Solar Priestess, to the alchemical power within you to burn away and transmute the dead wood within for renewable energy to use with your true wisdom and power. 

Amalia utilizes the wisdom of the Earth, the power of the elements and the wisdom of the body chakras to unleash the power and grace from within, as the wild and sacred feminine is honored through dance and movement, in union with Woman who are Arising. 

This Workshop will inspire you to get embodied, centered and to reconnect with the Earth and your Body as a sacred temple of Living Spirit. It will get you back on track, reawaken your Spirit and embody the wisdom of the Earth into your full potential self.


Barbara Joy

Barbara Joy’s passion and Divine Purpose is using her God-given Gifts to help other’s heal and transform their lives.  Centered in genuine and heart-centered presence, she helps her clients facilitate profound physical, mental, emotional, energetic/spiritual and financial shifts.  Internationally recognizable clients have benefited from working with Joy’s process.  She is an accomplished Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Life Transformation Coach, Inspirational Teacher & Speaker, Divine Channel, Sacred Events Facilitator, and Spiritual Restructuring Practitioner.

Three Powerful Actions to a Creating a Juicier Life!

One of the ways we ignite our fire is by having fun stepping deeper in to our personal power.  Becoming more aware of just how powerful we are, and how juicy our lives can be!  Come discover how our feminine power becomes suppressed, 3 ways to ignite it, plus a unique and fun way to look at creating a juicy life.

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Rebecca Two Moons

Rebekah Two Moons was born and raised in this beautiful high desert spiritual land. She has been learning and teaching the earth medicine ways since 2006 and now helps others heal themselves by learning to balance the unseen world with the physical world to promote spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing.

Morning Ceremonial Hike

Join us on a peaceful hike and adventure to a sacred place in Sedona. We will hold an opening prayer for releasing all that no longer serves us and gratitude for all that we have and that is to come. We call in the ancestors and the blessings of the four directions to assist us on our journey. We will drum and sing the medicine songs that will assist you in releasing and healing. Rebekah Two Moons will guide you through a powerful ceremony, prayer and share teachings of the indigenous people that held this land so sacred.