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Come join Zeffi Devi in her native Greece to experience this once in a lifetime sacred tour of the spiritual wisdom of the Greeks.

On this trip you will not be a tourist, but instead an initiate into the divine transcendent ancient knowledge of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Together we will journey to the heights of Mount Olympus, the depths of Greek Wisdom, the mysteries of the Seas and temples of sacred knowledge.

While dancing in an ancient temple in Greece Zeffi clearly saw the powerful transformation that is possible for you. 


She felt you wake up to your light, step into your own inner knowledge and soar beyond your limitations. 

The divine aspect inside of you glowed, you were filled with a new powerful energy and you ignited your own ancient knowing. 

A new energy shone light on your true path and you were fully living a more spiritually awakened life. 

By harnessing the knowledge of the Athenians, the power of the Olympians and the wisdom of the Oracle, you were able to step once and for all into your most realized self.


We hope you will join us in fulfilling this vision.

Are You Ready to.......
Go beyond your own physical, mental and spiritual limitations?
Be able to discern the difference between your ego and the voice of your intuition?

Heal yourself and find peace?

Rejuvenate your energy?

Stay grounded through the many challenges in your life?

Wake up to your divine self?

How many times did you answer yes to these questions? 

Is your inner wisdom calling you to walk the cobblestones where the ancient Greeks created and dreamed?

Are you ready to embark on this once in a lifetime personal journey? 

If so you are ready to join us on this life changing trip.

Come Join Woman Arising in Greece in 2019
for an initiation into the sacred wisdom of

Greek God and Goddess Culture.

Our journey includes

 a  cruise through the Greek Islands stopping in Athens, Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Herklion, and Santorini.

Join us on this Greek adventure of embracing life, good food, great company and true celebration.  We will visit the majestic mountain of Mt. Olympus, the Oracle of Delphi, and the exciting streets of Athens to experience a transformational journey where

Humans meet Gods.

Imagine sitting in sacred temples and feeling the power of ancient oracles, being initiated into the divine energy of Greek Gods and Goddesses and awakening your deepest intuition to receive messages of lasting empowerment.

On this amazing excursion you will experience Greek culture in ways you never have before. Our days will be filled with delicious cuisine, amazing sites, initiations, ceremonies, and fun and laughter.

Meet Your Trip Leaders

Zeffi Devi

Currently residing in Sedona, Arizona, and Athens, Greece, Zeffi Devi is internationally accomplished as a Spiritual Counselor, Medical Intuitive, Tantric teacher, Reiki Master, and Healer whose work takes her to Europe, Asia, and the United States.  She has studied Tantric Eastern, Hindu, and Tibetan philosophies; Hermetic and Ancient Greek philosophies; Shamanic Healing, Pranic Healing, and travels all over the world doing Sacred Goddess Ceremony. Her unique blending of many traditions connects us to the universal truth which resides within all of us. Zeffi Devi has the honor of hosting Woman Arising which has been her long held dream of helping  to awaken the divine feminine within all of us.



Your Trip Includes:

3 Day All Inclusive Greek Island Luxury Cruise
Accommodations at Beautiful Hotels
Welcome and Farewell Dinner
Transportation Around Greece
(Not including to and from Airport)
Admission to Historic and Sacred Sites
Ceremonies and Events

Day By Day Itinerary

1st Day

Arrive Athens Welcome Dinner - we will gather to connect in the Greek Traditional Way


2nd Day

We start our adventure off at Zeus' Temple and the Acropolis and Museum learning about the Greek Masters and the powerful Goddess Athena.  We end the day with special Ancient Greek Ceremony.

Meals not included.

3rd and 4th Day - Mount Olympus

Today we meet the almighty Gods and Goddesses that inhabited Greece's tallest mountain.  We will explore archeological sites and engage in ceremony to connect to the 12 Olympians. 

Meals not included.

5th Day - Delphi

We arrive at the Oracle of Delphi were we will dive deep into ceremony, feel the power of Pythia and Apollo, and receive sacred messages that enlighten our life journey.

Meals not included

6th - 9th Day

Greek Island Luxury Cruise

1st Day of Cruise: We will board the Luxury Cruise ship to explore the beautiful Greek Islands.  The Ship includes all meals, hosts swimming pools, spas, live entertainment and yoga classes.


We arrive in Mykonos and explore the tiny streets, sip hot drinks in cafes, enjoy sunset in Small Venice and listen to the waves hit the shore.

2nd Day of Cruise -  Our destination is Kusadasi Turkey where we will the visit Ancient site of Ephesus and see

the Temple of Artemis-one of the seven wonders of the world.

We visit Patmos, have a casual evening, visit the shops,  and connect as group to share our experiences. 

3rd Day of Cruise -  We land in Heraklion the capital of Crete to explore the Ancient Minoan culture and steep ourselves in the power of our ancestors.

Our final destination is the magical Island of Santorini.  As we walk the whitewashed cliffs and visit the town of Oia we come together to honor Isis and grasp the

wisdom of the ancients.

10th Day - Cape Sounion

Here we will connect to the sea and visit Poseidon's and Athena's Temples where we will meditate and swim in sacred waters. Meals not included.

$5200 USD Single Occupancy

$4799 USD Double Occupancy

$5400 USD Single Occupancy
$4999 USD Double Occupancy

$1000 Deposit due by June 1st


Remainder Due by June 30th
(no refund after June 30th

trip insurance recommended)


$4400 USD Single Occupancy Remainder

 $3999 USD Double Occupancy Remainder

For questions contact

Zeffi Devi at